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To sign up for this years winter camp (Dec 19 - 23 and Dec 26 - 30) please fill out the "Winter Camp" form below.

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Tournament Schedule

July 16-17 UTR tournament

July 23- UTR Circuit

July 24- SSV Yellow Ball

July 30- SSV Orange ball and Green Ball

July 31- SSV Yellow Ball

August 6-7 UTR Circuit 

Regional ($50 Tennis Express Gift Card)

August 14- UTR Boys (UTR 1-3) Girls (UTR1-3)

August 27-28- USTA level 7

September 11- Adult Doubles tournament

September 17- SSV Orange Ball and Green Ball

September 18- SSV Yellow Ball

September 25- UTR Parent-kid

Check back here to see the latest tournament schedule.

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